Product Code: Italy Arm Motor System
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  • Max gate length per leaf is 2.3m
  • Full DC operation to avoid any potential electric hazard
  • Backup battery standby for power failure
  • Actuator capability for 90° opening within only 8 to 15 second
  • No underground installation
  • Electro – mechanical screw driver piston type
  • DC 24V for normal Speed DC 12 V for ending speed
  • 35 watt per arm
  • Motor Amp: 1.5
  • Back-up battery:24 volt. rechargeable
  • Safety Clutch:Electric current sensing using H-Amp Auto Reverse
  • Electric Controller: Micro-processor based
  • Temperature: -20˚C to 55˚C
  • Gear Box: Two stages planetary reducer
  • Manual Operation: Special released key during power failure
  • 3 wireless transmitter