Product Code: Tripod turnstile
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  • Mechanical drive unit with solenoid locking mechanism eliminate the use of expensive electric motor and reduce maintenance cost.
  • If arm rotated more than half, it will auto-rotate to the next idle position. If arm rotated less than half, it will auto-rotate back to the current idle position.
  • Built in adjustable tensioner to control rotation force to minimize over rotation. Arm just need to be pushed lightly to rotate therefore even elderly or children are able to use the turnstile.
  • Turnstile can be configured to be bi-directional or uni-directional. Housing is locked with special key to avoid tampering.
  • Power supply: AC230 ± 10V
  • Power consumption: Idle 16W- Operating 38W
  • Response time: 0.3 second
  • Pass speed: 25 person per minute

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