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  • Suitable  for  indoor  as  well  as  outdoor  parking  area  at  airport,  shopping  mall,  warehouse,  hotel,  factories, condominium,  car  rental  companies,  etc.  It  can  also  be  customized  to  be  used  together  with  any  auto-pay ticketing parking or access control system.
  • DSP  Dual  Spring mechanism  to  achieve  two times   smoother   arm   motion.   Combination   of  different  tension  force  reduced  vibration  as  the arm  stop.  Well  balanced  arm  weight  reduces  the possibility  of  broken  spring  thus  reducing  down time.
  • DSD  Dual  Sensor  Detection to  achieve  double safety. Innovative  design  monitors  current  spike and motor rotation simultaneously to auto-reverse arm  if  blocked  by  obstacle.  This  is  an  important safety  feature  to  prevent  further  damage  in  the event when arm hit car or pedestrian.
  • Improved  NLSV2  design is  using  magnet sensor  instead  of  optical  sensor.  Optical  sensor  is subjected  to  interference  from  ambient  light  level.  New NLS  design  removed  all  blind  spot  area  to  achieve perfect opening and closing consistently.

  • Arm  will auto-reverse  when  hitting  an  obstacle during  closing.  Photo  beam  can  be  added  to  auto-reverse    the    arm    ahead    of    time    before    hitting approaching  vehicle  or  human.
  • Mechanical temperature: -40°C to 75°C
  • Electrical temperature: -10°C to 75°C
  • Power supply input: 220V ± 10% AC, 50 / 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 80 watt
  • Relative humidity: <90%
  • Arm speed: 1.8, 3, 6 second
  • Internal lubrication: Grease
  • Max straight arm: 4-6meter
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